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Apr 29, 2016

As winter loosens its grip on our homes (and us!), we all look forward to Spring and Summer and the bounty of activities that come with the fresh seasons – baseball, picnics, fireworks, and the ever popular back yard bbq’s on your stamped concrete patio. Unfortunately for some people the melting snows of winter will lead to shock and awe as they realize the destructive force of snow and ice and the effect it has on their concrete surface. This destructive effect is known as spalled concrete. The case is basically water. Nothing on this planet is more destructive than water. Frozen water expands 9%. What happens is the water sits just under the surface of the concrete in small crevices. It freezes and the spalling begins. There are ways to reduce this. Preventive maintenance. Like you do on your car. Some people exercise. Some do not. We all know that we should! The same does not apply for concrete maintenance. I have come to the realization that so many people do not know there is preventative maintenance that should be done on their concrete. With proper cleaning and sealing of the concrete surface the life of the concrete is prolonged. We have found that using a high quality sealant that protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attacks of chloride salts works very well. Next time you are outside take a look at where you park your car. Chances are there spalled concrete there. When we drive in the winter and we get the slush build up on our cars we park at home it melts and the chemicals begin to eat your concrete. By sealing your concrete with the right products you can preserve the life of your concrete and if your concrete is already spalled there are repair methods to restore it. Call us. We have the best solutions in the business!

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