Concrete Repair – See How Easy And Affordable We Make It!

Apr 29, 2016

As we kick off this busy season and as home sales are soaring, we realized that many property owners do not realize there is a cheaper, better alternative to concrete replacement. Home inspectors mark down problematic spots within the property and sellers (and buyers!) are looking for solutions. Our goal is to educate our customers and provide options – whether they are selling a home or simply want to keep theirs in perfect shape. We realize that life gets busy especially as families try to juggle work, school, school activities, sports, daycare, etc. We aim to make our process quick, clean and easy. Nobody needs to be home for the estimate if life’s schedule doesn’t permit, as long as the area is outside and accessible. We email the estimate with photos of what we intend to work on, you respond to the email approving the estimate and we schedule. Easy! The work and follow up billing is that simple as well. Our customers save thousands of dollars over replacing their concrete.

The Author | Brian Mrksich

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